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Welcome Gladiators to Blitz Races where you will race in the dome against one another. Each Gladiator will race around the dome three times, picking up upgrades for your car to win the race. Gladiators can pick up a shield, ammo, and a speed boost. Now gladiators race for you pride and win for the fortune you shall receive for first place.

GamePlay Video:

Controls :

KeyBoard Controls:

Player 1

W = Acceleration/Up

S = Brake/Down

D = Turn Left

A= Turn Right

Shift = Shoot Projectiles

Player 2

Up Arrow Key = Accelerate

Down Arrow Key = Brake

Left Arrow Key = Turn Left

Right Arrow Key = Turn Right

Shift = Shoot Projectiles

PS4 Controls: For Player 1 and 2

X Button = Acceleration

Square Button = Brake

Circle Button = Shoot Projectiles

Left Analogue Stick = Steering

Blitz Racing Story World

In the 19th century British Victorian era located in Rome,Italy. Emperor Ragnarok known as the mass murder of his country allowed gladiators or citizens from all over the world to sign up and participate in these death races. Gladiators would race in the Coliseum filled with spikes, large gears , and steam pipes that could melt a person's skin off. This was a race for it all.

Emperor Ragnarok loves toy around with his citizens, and the gladiators who will participate in his games. He likes to see how far will a man or woman go to receive such fortune or fame. Emperor host these Blitz Races that will test the pride of a man or woman, even what it takes to survive in order to feed one's family's.

Blitz Racing was an event held by the emperor every two years for mere entertainment and to increase the profits of his country. The fans were always ecstatic when these events arrived on June 1st. Gladiators all around would sign up to compete just to get a taste of the emperor's fortune. Many have survived but lots have died competing in these races.

Programming, art, sfxs created

by Kiesean Gamblin

Music in game created


The Games_v001

by Eric Matyas

Contact Info:

Email Adress: kgamblin18@gmail.com or kiesean.gamblin@nyfa.edu

Youtube: Kiesean Gamblin

Phone Number: 631-901-9568


BlitzRacingBeta_OSX.app.zip 30 MB
BlitzRacingWindowsBuild_Data.zip 58 MB

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